About Me

About Me

Hello I am Barbara!

I am a psychologist by education, but during my time I had the opportunity to tap into more artistic and entrepreneurial jobs – initially as a wedding planner in Italy and then as an entrepreneur selling  handmade artistic ceramics from Sicily.

I’m Italian and despite my aspect I am a native Sicilian, from Norman descent.

I have never attended a professional cooking class in my life, but I joyfully completed the best cooking course possible at my Grandma’s kitchen – cooking for the whole family was her mission, planning each meal like a celebration.

I remember playing with  a piece of dough while my mother was making fresh ravioli and the smell of the Ragù sauce babbling slowly on the stove.

Cooking is such a relaxing activity. Play your favourite music and start experimenting! It will not be a success every time (especially at the beginning!), but at least you will know what you are eating. There is a profound sense of gratification in feeding properly, an ancestral heritage that I am sure is naturally embedded in each of us.