Welcome to my Italian kitchen!

Cooking should be fun and certainly not expensive, stressful or overly complicated.

Nothing compares to an hands-on small cooking class. Join me in my classes, cooking good food, meeting new friends, having a glass of wine and, yes – learning a thing or two along the way, enough to boost your confidence in your own kitchen.

All of this at an affordable price (Christmas vouchers are now available!).

My classes are suitable for all experience levels because I will follow you step by step during the event.

Classes are friendly and informal. Classes are a mix of hands-on, so you can personally experience the process and have it sink in, but also demos where I share my passion and experience by preparing dishes the Italian way – see the class description to learn the details of your specific class.

You will then experience an amazing final tasting experience sitting all together at the table, drinking a complimentary glass of wine.

Three hours in good company learning and having a special meal together.


Cheers, Barbara

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We now have Gift Vouchers available. More details here!